Side Planting Photo Contest

Pamela Crawford Side Planting 2013 Photo Contest Winners

Kinsman Gardens has announced the winners of their annual Pamela Crawford Side Planting Containers photo contests. Winning entries were judged on creative use of side planting as well as overall impact of each entry. The winning entries will be featured in Kinsman’s Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 Catalogs.

1st Place Winner Pamela Crawford Side Planting SystemSide Planting 1st Place Winner

1st Place Prize $1000 Kinsman Gift Certificate
Basket Column Kit for Large Pots

“All in all, there are 30 plants in each basket: Center piece: Millet “Jester”, Coleus “Neptune’s Nest, “Fishnet Stockings” and “Colorblase Marooned”, Pink Dragon Wing Begonias, Pink Wax Begonias, White Wax Begonias, Sweet Caroline Light Green Sweet Potato Vine, Superbells “Miss Lilac” Calibrachoa, Margarita Sweet Potato Vine, Summer Wave Blue Trailing Torenia, Dazzler White Impatiens,” Blackie” Sweet Potato Vine and Superbells Cherry Blossom Calibrachoa. I used Pamela Crawford’s Granular Fertilizer in each pot along with the Water Saver gel.”

Roy Scott
Wilbraham, MA

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